Many of the followers of the Jon S. Randal Peace Page on facebook have expressed their interest in a book.

Thinking about this, and wanting to make a pleasant book to read at home, as well as providing material to schools and other social organizations, we’ve come up with a plan.

Jon has written several, sometimes day-to-day, stories on specific topics. Like the Women History Month, Black History Month and numerous other historical events. The lively stories are always about one person, and the significance deeds and behaviour of this person. The stories provide us with a wide variety of rolemodels, give us historical and cultural insights and highlight acts of kindness.

All of these stories can be found on the Jon S. Randal Peace Page website, and on the facebook page. But for the people who want a book for their e-reader, or a paper print, we plan to publish e-books and a modest amount of printed copies, arranged by theme or time, provided with pictures, charts and a historical time table.

These (e)books can be read at home, by yourself or together with your family. And they can also be used at schools and in social organizations.

More information about supporting The Jon S. Randal Peace Page or pre-ordering the first book will be published soon. Do you like to stay informed? Please subscribe to our newsletter.